Philip Hosmer, President

Since my earliest memory, I have always been drawn to and nourished by the outdoors. My father instilled in me an appreciation of the simple joys that our world offers us. The sound of leaves underfoot in autumn, the warmth of the sun on a cold winter day, the scent of pine trees in the morning, and the mist from a moving creek against your face on a summer afternoon. These elemental pleasures, scientific research shows, are vital components of our physical and mental health. But society has veered sharply away from being outdoors. The average adult spends 93 percent of their time indoors, where they are looking at a computer or TV screen for 10 hours and checking their phone 80 times. It is my mission to bring the healing, restorative properties of the natural world into the lives of others through Nature Worx. I formed this organization drawing on my experience leading several other not-for-profit organizations focused on family support and outdoor recreation. I am excited by the team of professionals we have assembled, and by the positive impact we are making in peoples’ lives.



When I was 19, I went for a walk in the woods alone at night time, I had forgotten my flashlight and I had to walk a quarter of a mile down a path in the forest to my home. I was terrified.  But I knew myself better when I arrived home that night, I had felt the power of the natural world and the smallness of my "self" and realized that I was its student, not its master or competitor as I was raised to believe.

 Since that night, I have shared countless experiences with people of all ages and backgrounds in various natural settings; each one unique, powerful, and humbling. My professional and personal life have afforded me experience with children to adults, at-risk populations, people with special needs, trauma, addiction, affluence, LGBTQ+, the full range of the Autism spectrum. I have worked as a rock climbing and back packing trip leader, camp counselor, special needs counselor, ropes course facilitator, team building facilitator, on duty interventionist, behavioral interventionist, mentor, coach, peer and friend to many.

I believe in Nature Worx’s mission to promote healing through intentional outdoor programs . The end-game is always the same: get people outside and let them see, feel, taste, touch and smell what is real and true. Hopefully this leads to healing, maybe change will come of it, at the very least, like my walk in the woods, it shows them they don't have to be afraid.,



Frank Marsden is a founding member of the Eden Mill Nature Center in Pylesville, MD. He brings more than 40 years of experience as a naturalist, instructor, guide, trip organizer, and nature photographer. He has led wilderness canoeing trips to Algonquin National Park in Canada, taught rock climbing, led caving expeditions and was a skydiving enthusiast with more than 100 jumps. For excitement these days, Frank likes to stand still in the woods and take photographs.

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Rod has been an outdoor enthusiast all his life. From camping to horseback riding, geocaching and white water rafting, he's found participating in nature to be a vital part to staying mentally as well as physically healthy. He especially enjoys going to new places and learning about their unique history and characteristics. Rod leads college outdoor adventure trips and is a professional business coach and strategic consultant.