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The Intention and Results of Nature Worx

Research from around the world has documented the physical and psychological benefits of focused, intentional activity in nature. At Nature Worx, we share mindful nature experiences so that they can become tools that are always easily available. Participants will learn how to access nature to help them cope with stress, anxiety or depression, and to focus when faced with challenges. Participants will also come away with a deep appreciation of the natural world. We help our clients learn to focus their attention and use all of their senses to connect with the "more than human" world and let it nourish and heal them. 

Since 2017, we've partnered with a range of organizations to provide Nature Worx sessions to their patients, members or employees. We work with the U.S. Veterans Administration, addiction treatment facilities, government agencies, corporate wellness programs, schools and not-for-profit programs on a contractual basis. We have demonstrated positive outcomes by having participants fill out a post-session survey. The results of over 2,100 surveys completed to date show that:

  • Over 95% of participants reported they agreed or strongly agreed that being outdoors in nature can support their well-being.

  • Over 75% reported a reduction in at least one symptom (anxiety, depression or substance cravings) after completing a Nature Worx session.

Improved immune function

Improved mood and cognitive abilities

Lower levels of the stress hormone
cortisol and inflam-matory agents








I enjoyed getting out of my environment and getting lost in nature. It was great to see nature as a source of therapy.


I enjoyed connecting with the environment outdoors because it helped me silence my mind.


I enjoyed seeing how I can have fun sober. This program is phenomenal.